Structure courses
Preferences, lateralisation but also  “sweet side” (chocolate side) are well known terms in  manual therapy and medicine.
The present Marsman method ( or PMMM (preferential mass mechanics method) is additional knowledge and based on the implementation of reproducible, by the patient executed laterality tests during the physical MSK examination to get a global idea of the individual preferences of the patients habitual movements (3 minute battery- test). 

The additional kinesiological theory (mass mechanics) has a logic way of thinking and gives a fresh and deeper view how to explain posture and  movement related problems in relation to the laterality of the patient in daily life, sport or work.
The method offers, based on patients laterality,  therapeutic fast learnable soft 3D-technics and additional simple but effective exercises.
In the first of the 3X3-day courses you will understand the scientific based theory, examination and treatment procedures of  the lumbar mass.
The other 2 3-day courses are about  the thoracic- and cervical mass.

Survey of courses

-basic principles, examination and treatment techniques lumbar and pelvis trunk mass (1x3 days)
-examination and treatment techniques cervical, thoracic trunk mass (2x3 days)

basic theoretical and practical certification test


-advanced and integration trunk & extremities+ skull (ACRA) (3x3 days)
-advanced theoretical and practical certification test

-10 days practice and test
-essay, scientific or literature research.

During the 9-day basic course of the trunk, examination and treatment techniques are taught, after which the acquired abilities can be directly put into practice.
The groups will usually consist of 12-18 persons/per instructor

Registered certificate
The basic and advanced course are concluded by an examination of practical and theoretical knowledge.

Once a year an additional day will be organized to train those who followed the integration courses.

Basic course program 2023
In the basic course the student learns how to detect by 8 scientific reproducible proven tests and confirmative tests the preferential unique functions of the patient/individual and understand the actual dysfunction. Besides the logic of the mass mechanics will be clear and is well to be integrated in the habitual medical orthopedic physical examination of the musculoskeletal system. On the basis of physics and neuro-physiology treatment procedures will be explained and trained.
At the end of the basic course finished with an exam, you will be able to understand the diagnosed patient related to dysfunctions keeping clear in mind their functional preferential mobility.

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